Chai Elul, 5780

Sept. 7, 2020

Dear Friends,

The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes!

Yes, we will have High Holiday services at Chabad (to make reservations see below).

Yes, everyone will be required to wear masks and social distance.

And Yes, we are expecting to see you on Yom Tov!

So here is how we are going to do it.

Our first priority is to provide a safe environment in accordance with the CDC  guidelines. In order to accomplish this, we will need everyone's fullest cooperation.

  1.  Everyone must wear a mask at all times. This means when you enter the building, when you are walking around in the building, and when you are sitting or standing in the sanctuary.
  2. Please wear your own mask to shul. We will have extra masks on hand in case you forget, but do not rely on our masks. Being that the 1st day of Rosh Hashanah is Shabbos, note that you are permitted to wear a mask walking from home to shul and back, but may not carry the mask. The same applies to Yom Kippur.
  3. Avoid any physical contact with others. No handshakes or physical contact. Avoid touching ones face.
  4. Keep a distance of 6’ from others at all times unless you are wearing a mask and the other person is comfortable with you being closer than 6'.
  5. When entering/leaving the building make sure to maintain social distancing practices.
  6. The Torah should not be kissed as it is taken to the Bimah and returned to the Ark.

Do Not Come to Shul at this time if...

  1. You feel ill or have any COVID-19 symptoms as per the updated CDC guidelines found here.
  2. You had or think you may have had COVID-19, until at least 14 days after symptoms are resolving and there has been no fever for a week.
  3. You had recent contact with an individual who has COVID-19, even if you currently show no symptoms.
  4. Those who over 65 and are immunocompromised, obese, have cancer, lung disease, diabetes, COPD, kidney or liver disease.

Shul Setup

  1. The chairs are spaced 6' apart throughout the sanctuary.
  2. Families will be able to sit next to each other, but 6' apart from others.
  3. As such, seating will very limited. We haven't laid out the chairs in the room yet, but we estimate that we can possibly accommodate 75 seats in total.
  4. If we fill the sanctuary with reserved seats, we will consider having an overflow service in the gym, run by Rabbi Morgenstern.

Security Check

  1. We will have security on Rosh Hashanah for the morning prayers and on Yom Kippur for Kol Nidrei and the morning services.
  2. The security guard will be provided with a list of those who have reserved seats and will check each person in.
  3. You will be provided with a health questionnaire (4 questions) which you will read and be asked by the security guard to state your answers to the questionnaire. If you are cleared, you may then proceed to the sanctuary. If you are not cleared, you will be asked to leave.

I hope all of the above assure our safety and good health while attending services. Whether you agree or not with all of the safety measures we are taking, we ask you to please be respectful and considerate of others, who may feel you are putting them at risk by not following the above guidelines.

Membership and High Holiday Seats reservations:

We recognize that many of you have not been at shul for a long time and that we have not been able to offer the same opportunities for getting together as we did pre-Covid. Hopefully this too shall pass, and very soon. In the interim we continue to function as best as we can and ask our small community of members to stick with us.

If you are a member of our shul, please renew your membership and enable us thereby to make it through these difficult times. If you are not a member, please consider becoming one and supporting the shul that has become home for so many.

Please note that members are given the first choice in terms of seating in the sanctuary.

We will try to assign you your seats in the same vicinity as you sat last year. 

Do not reserve seats for individuals that will likely not show up.

Membership/High Holiday reservation packets  are not being mailed this year. Instead, we have moved everything online. Please choose from the options below:

Existing members:  click here to renew your membership and reserve seats.

To become a member:  Click here for Shul membership.

Seats without Membership:  Click here If you do not want to become a member, but would like to reserve seats.


Shofar Blowing

A most important mitzvah of Rosh Hashanah is to hear the shofar blowing. This will take place on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah only, as we do not blow shofar on Shabbos. 

To accommodate those who will not attend services in the shul, we are offering 2 options:

  1. Come for the main Shofar Blowing which will be around 11:45am. We will open the windows of the sanctuary and you will be able to hear the shofar blowing from outside.
  2. Come for the Shofar Blowing at the end of the services, at around 2:15pm. We will blow the shofar  in the parking lot, where there is plenty of fresh air and room for social distancing.

One final thought:

It would be wonderful to usher in the New Year with all of our Chabad families. G‑d willing we will be inscribed and sealed for a truly wonderful new year, filled with only blessings of good health, Yiddishe nachas from our children, an abundance of material and spiritual wealth, and much happiness.

I look forward to seeing you personally in shul and sharing in the simcha of davening together in our beautiful shul.


Rabbi Kotlarsky